Kubefirst Added To CNCF Landscape

With a single command and about 40 minutes, our nebulous container will provision an open source, self-hosted, gitops-driven, kubernetes-centric infrastructure and application delivery ecosystem that is completely automated from the start.

Fast forward your cloud native journey

Fast forward your cloud native journey

Kubefirst will deliver a carefully selected set of cloud native technologies, built for easily managed kubernetes, all established as Terraform and Argo CD GitOps. It's the most declarative and transparent approach to managing kubernetes in 2022. We've chosen some of the best, most well-documented, and widely loved kubernetes technologies, all configured to work well with each other. When you're ready to take off in the cloud native space, our stack will set you up with the best available patterns, documentation, and automation.

Our enterprise configurations can set you up with a multi-account set of kubernetes clusters, all predicated on the same simple stances that the kubefirst platform has provided in our open source offering. It'll all be privately hosted in your own cloud, enforced with automated infrastructure as code, configured with all the tools you need to prepare your application platform so you can scale. As Datadog Partners we can set you up with world class observability so your system can hook into your available metrics and your engineers can focus on engineering.

Kubefirst Showcase

GitOps Delivery

Our pro platform includes privately hosted git repositories in gitlab, secrets management in vault, ci/cd with gitlab-runner and argo, and a sample application named metaphor to demonstrate how it all works together.

Immediate Application Capabilities

Automatic TLS certificate management, automated dns registration, and application versioning, tagging, and delivery takes time to get right. See how we've bundled the best of breed open source tools together to solve the issues you'd rather not be bothered with.

Blogging and Technical Docs

See how we'll power your online presence

Infrastructure As Code

The infrastructure you'll receive day one will be well documented and checked into your private git repositories with automated terraform and application CI/CD in place. From there, turning our platform into your platform is a pull request away in your own self-hosted system.